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Includes UK Eurocode Standards (BS EN 1993-1-1/NA:2008)
Eurocode 3 (EC3) EN 1993-1-1 incorporating the UK National Annex

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Beautifully detailed calculations with full workings

Our detailed calculation reports include a design summary, full workings, shear force, bending moment and deflection diagrams, beam details, loadings, end reactions, safety factors, lateral support details and a section to add your own introduction.

Automatically calculate section sizes

You can generate a report for a specific section or automatically generate a list of sections suitable for your loads. Select which types you want to select from and the calculator will check every section size. The calculator has a comprehensive database of beams including a wide range of European, UK and hollow box sections.

Quick and easy, using the built-in loads database

A database of commonly-used loads is built into the calculators. Select each of the loads acting on the beam, enter its size and the calculator will work out the rest.

You can change the values of any of the built-in loads, and if you have a load that isn't in the database you can also enter your own custom loads.

30 day money back guarantee
30 day money back guarantee

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How it works

Frequently asked questions

What types of project are the calculators suitable for?
The calculators are designed for domestic projects.

I just need a single calculation, is it suitable for me?
Yes, just take out a monthly subscription and cancel as soon as you've finished.

Do the steel calculators include European section sizes?
Yes, the Eurocode Steel Beam Calculator includes IPE sections and other standard European section sizes. It also includes UB, UC and PFC sections. UK section properties are provided by Tata Blue Book, European section properties are provided by ArcellorMittal Orange Book.

Can I use US standard units / metric units?
All the calculators use metric units, except the US calculator, which uses US standard units.

What format are the reports?
Calculations can be downloaded or emailed as a PDF file.

What do I do if I need a load that is not in the dropdown list?
If you need to use a load that is not in the dropdown menu, select 'other' at the bottom of the list and enter the load details manually.

Will the calculators work on my PC / Mac / Tablet?
Yes, the calculators work in your browser on any internet-connected device, including PCs, Macs and tablets.

How accurate are the calculators?
We benchmark the calculators against a wide range of sources. These include examples from standards organisations, institutes, trade bodies, and textbooks. We also compare our results with other engineering software.

We use automated unit tests and end-to-end tests to simulate dozens or hundreds of example calculations covering a wide range of use-cases for each calculator.

We also use our core calculation engines to recreate and compare our results with standard industry tables (such as the Blue Book, Orange Book and timber span tables).

Our calculators typically undergo weeks or months of beta testing and iteration and, finally, an audit by an independent chartered structural engineer before they are released.

Disclaimer: All engineering software is based on approximations and standards which can be open to interpretation and can change. You should only use these calculators if you have enough knowledge to correctly assess the loads supported by members, the reasonableness of the program output, the overall performance of the structure, and the proposed design's suitability. You should verify results for yourself, and all calculations should be checked independently.

Smart, quick, easy Steel Beam Calculations in just minutes

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