Frequently asked questions

What do I do if I need a load that is not on the dropdown menu?

If you wish to use a load that is not on the dropdown menu, just select other at the bottom of the list and enter the load details manually.

Does the steel beam calculator work on a Mac?

The steel beam calculator works on any internet enabled device including Macs.

Does the steel beam calculator design columns/posts?

The steel beam calculator will only design beams and not columns/posts.

Would you do the calculations for me?

I'm afraid this is not a services we offer.

What training courses what would you recommend?

The Chartered Association of Building Engineers offer a Basic Structural Design Training Course for Non-Structural Engineers

What books would you recommend?

Structures for Architects by Brian J.B. Gauld.

Who should use the steel beam calculator?

Those that are competent to do so, in accordance with our terms and conditions