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Below is a demo version of our Steel Beam Calculator with a beam span length fixed at 1m which you can try out for free, our full version is available for a small subscription fee and allows users to design beams up to 10m in length, you can sign up for the full version here.

Enter Beam Details

1.1 Enter steel beam span length

This free version is fixed at 1m. The full version allows precise sizes up to 10m

1.2 Select steel beam size (Universal Beams)

The list above is showing Universal Beams to BS4 Part 1 1993, you can also switch to Universal Columns or Parallel Flange Channels

If you're not sure what beam size to choose, use the auto beam select feature below

Enter Load Details

Safety Factors

3.1 Variable load safety factor

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Recommended: 1.5

3.2 Permanent load safety factor

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Recommended: 1.35

4.1 Is beam fully restrained along its full length?

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4.2 Length between lateral restraints

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Usually same as beam span length
Deflection Limits

5.1 Variable load deflection limit

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Usually Span / 360

5.2 Total variable and permanent load deflection limit

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Usually Span / 200