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I have been using Steel Beam Calculator for a number of years and found this easy to use yet powerful software invaluable in the design of steel beams for domestic building extensions. It has saved me lots of time adding real value to the Domestic Architectural and Structural Engineering services I offer.
Paul Lillie (xtnplans)
Steel Beam calculator is exceptionally easy to use. I've found it invaluable when designing schemes for my clients and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a simple,easy to use and cost effective beam calculator.
This is a sound and useful tool for simple beam calculations, accepted by Building Control.
This has proved to be an exceptionally useful tool allowing me to produce structural calculations that have all been acceptable to the Local Authorities. It has also saved me a lot of expense in not having to use the services of a Structural Engineer. Well worth the annual cost.
I needed rapid confirmation that the beam I intended to use would do the job required. Steel beam calculator gave an immediate 'black and white' answer plus a full report.
Martyn Pridham, Portugal
We are very pleased with the programme it’s quick and easy. Chris MD
I have found this program invaluable when advising clients what section is acceptable. It is easier to use than Beamboy and gives a much better output, acceptable to Building Control.
I find it very easy to use and good value for money.
William @ Stamford Fairey Associates
Simple easy to use, telephone support is great, does what it says on the ad. Great bit of software
We are a small architectural practice and use steel beam calculator for simple steel beams in domestic situations. We find it great value for money, simple to use and saves a lot of time and money
Excellent product - no frills, just answers!
I think that this program is so useful, I have already recovered the cost by using it, and of course it saves me such a lot of time.

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